porsha, porsha, porsha.

porsha, porsha, porsha.

what a sucky divorce. porsha is leaving w| what she came in w|. she isn’t getting anything out of their two year marriage. according to TMZ:

“porsha gets NO alimony, NO house, NO NFL retirement money, NO cash-out, NO health insurance. she even has to pay her own credit card balances.”

i know that has to suck. the only thing she gets to keep is the mercedes she had before, personal things like clothes & jewelry, & the engagement ring.

while kordell gets 2 plots of land, 2 houses, a 2013 mercedes, a 2010 porsche, and his full retirement benefits & a 100% interest in his companies.

that just isn’t fair. they didn’t even have a prenup. & to top it off she may even be getting kicked off of RHOA.


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